Understanding who the users are is essential to design your products.

I started working with digital design about 14 years ago. During most of my time I was focused on trying to understand the man/computer interaction and how to design digital products with an experience that helps people to communicate with the machines.

Nowadays I live in Dublin, Ireland Sydney, Australia and work as a Senior Interaction Designer in a really cool startup focused on helping creatives to prototype mobile apps in particular but also supporting desktop, wearables and smart TV. 

High and Low fidelity mockups on paper, with Sketch, Axure, Invision, Fluid UI, Marvel, Principle and Photoshop.

UX & Documentation
Customer Survey Analyzis, Metrics, Wireframes, Sitemaps, Prototypes, User Flows, Personas, A/B testing and User Testing.

Interaction Design
Create products that enable the user to achieve their objective(s) in the best way possible.

Working with Dev Team
High fidelity Delivebles, Agile methods, Guidelines, Knowledge in HTML/CSS, Zeplin, SVGS, Trello, GitHub, Slack and Hipchat.

Faculdade Impacta de Tecnologia
Associate Degree, Design of Digital Media 2010-2012

Professional working profeciency

Native profeciency

Elementary profeciency

Download my resume

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