Fluid is a tool for designers and product visionaries that helps them create and communicate ideas for new software products. Fluid UI helps creatives to prototype mobile apps in particular but also supports desktop, wearables and smart TV.

I joined the Fluid UI team in February 2016 and I am still there. So I'll try to show a little of the work that I had the privilege of being responsible.


The process

At Fluid I usually split my work plan into 4 steps and repeat some of them when necessary. In this way, 100% of our deliveries are based on customer feedbacks.

My Goal

Redesign the platform reducing pain points, create and prioritize new features for the product.



Fluid UI has more than 500,000 active users among them, designers and product managers. Daily we talk to our users through our customer survey tools so we can filter and divide the feedbacks we receive.
Be it: Usability problem, Bug, or New feature.


#1 Images Upload

Users did not understand that to upload an image they need to drag an image on the library (left side) and not on the page.


#2 Deleting a project

Many people were deleting projects permanently because the difference between deleting and archiving a project was unclear.


#3 Co-working (new feature)

This is a feature that has been very questioned by our users. They need to work in real time with other designers. Perfect for those who work remotely on a team with multiple creatives.

Before we kick off the project my work includes preparing and organizing all the content that the team of developers needs to understand and continue the work. This material includes a document called 1Pager, where you attach Project Goal, user histories, Resources (team & time estimates), sketches etc.

User histories for New Uploads release

User histories for Project co-working release


High fidelity Prototype

New image upload flow

Desktop HDDesktop HD


Fluid UI is not only used by designers, it is used by product managers and developers. Thinking about this we decided to create libraries with UI patterns so that the user can drag and drop to their projects.

  • gallery-image
  • gallery-image

Live presentation

Present your ideas interactively on live video calls with clients or interact as you design with your team.

Complementary components



Our office sits within a co-working space along with more than 20 startups of various sizes and one of the advantages of working in such an environment is that we can test and validate our ideas with designers and product managers from other companies And gather fast and important feedbacks to iterate our tool.

You can follow the evolution of our work at