Hi, I'm Leandro, a Senior Product Designer based in Melbourne, specialized in User Experience & Product Interfaces.

Currently at Atlassian


In my three years at Domain, we successfully completed various projects, one of which was the development of a brand-new Android app for Commercial Real Estate.

With more than 60% of our traffic coming from mobile devices it demonstrates the value of our Mobile audience so we saw an opportunity to build an Android app.

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During my time at Expert360, I mentored designers and developers on various aspects of the design career and worked on exciting projects, including the Profile Creation Revamp.

The profile creation process is used by new experts as they embark on creating their profiles, serving as their initial interaction with our platform. Despite its frequent use, this flow is plagued by several issues.

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Mentoring Designers and Developers

A few years ago, I started sharing my professional experiences to inspire and mentor individuals. I've since learned a lot from them while mentoring designers and developers on various aspects of the design career, including interviews, portfolios, and collaboration.

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