A few years ago I realized that by sharing some of my professional experiences I could help and encourage some great people to challenge themselves and evolve as a person and as a professional.

This attitude also made me realize that I could learn a lot from these people too. In recent years I have mentored some designers and developers about the design career in the most different aspects and subjects such as interview processes, analyzing portfolios and also helping them to better understand the power of collaboration between Designers and Developers.

Robson Neves
UX Designer at Booking.com

Hey Leandro, I think I never came back to say thanks, so now I wanna tell you that I'm very grateful that we met each other. A few months after our talk I got my first job as a UX Designer in a small startup in Dublin, 4 months later I got a better opportunity and moved to work in Amsterdam. Now, 2 years later, I changed jobs again and I became part of Booking.com's UX team. I'd like to highlight that in this whole journey your advice was absolutely essential. Thank you very much!

Alvin Goh
Product Designer at Zookal

Leandro has been a great mentor to me since the end of 2019. He never ceased to offer support and guidance during my job-hunting period, which was one of the most difficult periods.

During our mentorship, Leandro would offer to meet me face-to-face once a week or fortnight to check on me and would sit down with me to make sure that I get my interviews right. He taught me to go through the job descriptions line by line to make sure that I was 100% prepared for each and every interview. This had given the extra edge and eventually led me to landing a job at Zookal.

Besides being a great mentor, Leandro has a fun yet cool personality. Nobody will ever feel uncomfortable or awkward around him. Every meetup with him was productive yet not overwhelming with information.

Lynda Ly
Software Developer at Expert360

Having transitioned from a graphic designer to a frontend developer, Leandro’s mentorship played a huge part in helping me fill in my knowledge gaps when it comes to user experience. During our 1-on-1, Leandro really drove collaboration, encouraging me as a developer to foster empathy and understanding of UX concerns. 

He’s insight and knowledge really encouraged me to learn more about the discipline, which further led me to taking an Introduction to UX UI design at TAFE NSW. I strongly believe Leandro’s support and encouragement has really helped me become a better Frontend developer. 

Frederica Caruana
UX Consultant at Digital Village

I learned so much from Leandro during our mentorship - help and advice that has transferred well to every opportunity I have taken as a user experience designer. I was so grateful for his patience, empathy, and how he unravelled and simplified difficult elements of the UX process backed up with useful examples. He also gave me invaluable insight into the agile nature of his work and team. He was so easy to work with and it was a great experience! Thank you!

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