Agendor is an internet brazilian startup that offers Software as Service based CRM Tools (Customer Relationship Management)

The Problem

Most Agendor users are outside vendors, who spend most of the day visiting customers and prospecting. Carrying a notebook with them was not always a simple and safe task.

The Challenge

My challenge was to create an app for IOS, maintaining the same webapp navigation with the consistency of IOS 9 guidelines.

The Process

My first step in this project was to identify the profile of users who would use Agendor in the Mobile version. They are the External Vendor and the Manager.

Once identified, I talked with a few of them to dig deeper into the use cases for each of them and how the mobile app would facilitate each of those cases.

I've converted these use cases into User Stories, so I think it's easier to show to the Devs team and to my PM what features should be kept in the Mobile version.

After aligning the project goal with the entire product team, I did some sketches trying to translate the webapp framework to Mobile with consistency and then started designing the high fidelity prototype.

Plan your activities

With the activity list you can get an overview of how the negotiation between your Sales team and your clients are and what the next step is. This feature is essential so that the salesperson does not get lost in the middle of prospecting, or even skip the steps of the sales process.


Find a contact

The user can filter their contacts in 3 types: company, person or business. This type of division was created because this application needs to serve micro entrepreneurs and also multinationals with several contact areas.

Get your sales organized by steps


Filter your tasks easily between undone and finalized.

You can download the live version of the app by clicking here. I hope you enjoy 🙂