Boa Consulta is a new way to schedule appointments. You have direct access to the agenda of Dentists, Doctors and other health professionals. Through it, you can make appointments at any time of the day or night.

The Problem

New users were giving up completing the profile registration (Sign Up), even before starting a search for a specialist doctor.

The Challenge

Improve the user conversion reducing the number of steps between finding a medical specialist and scheduling the appointment, besides redesign the app by using Google Material Design.

The Process

After analysing the results of the usability tests together with the UX team, we have noticed that it was painful for the users to create their account before* they knew if they would actually find the specialist doctor which they needed.

So we have decided to reverse some steps to motivate the users in  completing the registration, since they had already found the doctor that they needed.

We have explored the multiple (and sometimes not so clear) steps taken by the user as they engage with the service. This way we could define the consumer motivations and needs in the various stages of the journey, creating design solutions that are appropriate for each one of them.

High fidelity prototype
After the changing the conversion rate has increased considerably thanks to this new journey design.

Find a Specialist

Find and medical schedule, dentists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and other specialists easily

Filter by location

You can find a specialist near to your current location in real time

Select date and doctor

See what other patients say about the expert care and have more security to schedule your appointments. Help other users leaving your evaluation.

Choose the time

Choose the time that fits to your day

Confirm the appoint

Receive notifications from your medical and dental appointments and see the fastest route to get to the office.


Improving your activation rate involves showing users value as soon as possible.